Raspal Seni

I'm Raspal Seni, a freelance writer and WordPress Wizard, from Mumbai, India.

I started blogging about 4-5 years ago, but started my own blog on WordPress nearly a year and a half ago, at RaspalWrites (which is not my writer website). I moved the blog to a separate domain -  iWriteAboutBlogging.com.

I've been into tech all my life and I love everything about electronics, DIY, alternate energy, etc. This is not my tech blog, so I'll stop talking about tech, here.

When I started my first blog, I also started with two writing challenges and one of them was a 5 minute writing exercise per week, called Five Minute Friday. Each Thursday night, Lisa Jo Baker would post the prompt for us and we would all write on that one word prompt and then link our blog posts.

I think there was a vacation in December of 2013, at Lisa's FMF and I didn't restart with it, when 2014 started. And, then, didn't get time or didn't think of FMF almost the whole year. Last December, I happened to check FMF again, and noticed, Kate had taken the baton from Lisa and now she ran the Five Minute Friday.

I have had a few tech blogs on self-hosted WordPress, in the past. But this time I thought, I'd create a new blog on blogger with the sole intention of writing on these five minute Friday prompts. So, this is the blog, where I'll be writing on the prompt Kate will be posting on her blog.

I hope this becomes an interesting blog to read, after a couple of posts. I may, later move the FMF posts I wrote at iWriteAboutBlogging, here.