Friday, February 6, 2015

Ten things to KEEP in mind


What does the word, "Keep", remind me?

Keep means to have something with yourself. To have them CLOSE.

Keep reminds me to keep SMILING. Because, smiling takes all the worries away. Smiling keeps you at ease. Smiling is contagious. If someone doesn't smile at you but you do, he'd most probably smile back at you. Smiling creates friends. So, keep smiling.

Keep reminds me of Google KEEP, which is a digital sticky-note app. It lets me keep my ideas, that is, it saves them them safe.

In Hindi, the word keep, reminds me of a funnel. What a funnel does is, accept a lot of liquid from one side, and passes all of it to the other. It saves us from wastage. It is something which doesn't really KEEP anything to itself. It gives what it receives. So, it teaches us to GIVE all we have.

Keep also reminds me to keep PROMISES we make to others and to God. We should also keep SECRETS, well -- secret.

Keep also reminds me of KEEPER, as in inn keeper, or a house keeper. What these people do is to keep the place neat and clean, and also make sure no one enters without permission. Similarly, we should keep our inner-self neat and clean (that is, eradicate waste and negative thoughts), and not permit them to enter our mind.

Keep also reminds me to keep CALM and WARM. Without being calm and peaceful inside, we can't be warm. We can't love others. What do you think of a person who gets angry and shouts? He creates disturbance in the atmosphere. People want to stay away from him. They want to stay away because he doesn't keep his calm. So, keep your calm. Keep your cool.

Keep also reminds me to keep GOOD company. Because, it's said -- as the company, so the color. Your company, your friends, affect how your ARE and what you DO. If you keep the company of wise, you'll certainly become like them too. On the other hand, if you keep the company of fools, well, I won't tell you what you'll become. But, the strange thing is, people who are in bad company or in the company of fools, don't realize they're in such company. They think, they're on the right path. It's like how a lean and weak person, after drinking wine, thinks and behaves as if he's a King.

Keep also reminds me to keep in SHAPE. Because, over the last few years since I'm freelancing, especially in the last six months, I've developed a little pot belly. Not a big one, but it sure doesn't look nice. Some time ago, I had come across  the ten heaviest people, and how some of them couldn't even get out of the house, and one of them had to be lifted by a crane. Of course, I won't become so heavy, but thinking of them, reminds me, I should keep in shape. That is, I should EXERCISE.

Keep also reminds me to keep WRITING. Why? Because, I'm a writer. A writer, writes, doesn't he? What else would he do? It's by writing regularly that I can keep my writing muscles in good shape.

Keep also reminds me to keep SAFE. How do you keep safe? By remembering GOD. I recently updated the About page on my other blog, and added 21 fascinating facts you probably don't know about me. One of them is this:
In 2008, I escaped 18 accidents in a row (within a month and a half). The common thing in all of them was, I remembered God when these happened and I was saved without knowing what happened.

Well, that's all I could write today.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Today's FMF Prompt - WAIT


WAIT. What for? Wait till you read this all. Today's writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is the word, wait.

What does the word, wait, remind me? What does it say? It reminds me to remain patient. It says, I'll see something good if I remain patient.

At times when you think negatively, God says to wait. He says, just wait and see. He says keep patient and you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, isn't it worth to wait? It sure is. Wait and you'll become worth your weight in gold. Who knows!

Some people take this in another sense. They want to sleep and not wake up when you try to wake them up. They'll also say WAIT. They mean, they want to sleep some more.

But, they don't have to say the word, when they hit the snooze button on their alarm clock, they actually mean -- WAIT.

Wait also means to wait for someone to come. You also wait in a queue. You also wait for results after you're done your best about something. The traffic signals also mean WAIT. This is where you have to wait or you pay the price. If you don't wait, you may have an accident, or you have to pay up the fine.

You also wait for the sun to rise every day. You wait for the bus or train to arrive. You wait for the right opportunity.

You wait for the good things to happen in your life. Again, God says, just wait and see. Have some patience.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today's FMF Prompt - SHARE

I missed writing the Five Minute Friday post this Friday, so writing it a day later -- on a Saturday. This time, I'm not going by the five minute rule, but writing openly whatever comes to my mind, about the prompt. This time the prompt was the word SHARE. So, let's start.


What does share remind me?

Sharing is caring, market shares which I hardly know anything about, and also a Lion because the word share sounds similar to Sher which in Hindi, means Lion.

A lion can be connected to sharing too. When you share with an open heart, you're frank and free of any guilt and other negative feelings.

You're truthful, so you walk like a Lion -- bold and confident, with chin up.

But share, or sharing means a lot more.

When you're very young, a child, you share everything with your parents.

When you have friends with other kids, you share your secrets with them more than with your parents.

Later, when you come of age, fall in love or marry, you share with your lover or spouse.

Then, when you have kids yourself, though you may not share all with your kids, but you certainly share the love.

What happened in all this time? Sharing changed from one to the other, and so love changed from one to the other. Your focus changed and so love changed too.

Few people are friends for life and they keep sharing.

The day sharing stops and you start feeling doubts for others, is the day the downfall starts.

So keep sharing because, sharing certainly is caring.

Photo Credit: pictoquotes, wikimedia, pat_mcdonald -- in that order

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Today's FMF Post - SEND

Send, what does send remind me? A send button I'e seen on many sites. But what I saw on Kate's site was a letter with the word send written on it, so it reminded me to send a letter.

In today's world we send emails, almost daily.

Send also means to give away to others. Give what you have, share it with others. Send it to others.

Send your messages, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your good wishes to others, love, help but not your money. :-)

But, think before you send anything. If they're email messages and letters, read again before you hit the send key or post the letter. Read and think whether there's anything in the email and letters with which others may feel hurt or is there anything negative in them. If not, go ahead and send.

You can also send gifts to your friends and loved ones, even if it's something small. And, send it with love and warm wishes.

That's all I could write on today;s five minute friday prompt. Will write more next time.

Photo Credits: morton1905, yourdon, pictoquotes, juliekintaiwan, inertia_tw, warmnfuzzy, storm-crypt -- in that order.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First FMF Prompt of 2015 - WELCOME


Belcome. That's what I tweeted to someone who thanked me for wishing her for her birthday. And, a little while later, I found out that this was the prompt at today's Five Minute Friday Party.

I started thinking, why does one reply with the word welcome, when someone thanks us? Does it mean, they're welcome to thank us again? I'm not sure how this thing started.

Well, this word is also written on the doors in many homes. But, strange thing is they keep the doors shut and put this word on it. Does it not look strange to you? Maybe if they kept it open and then wrote it, the thieves would think they're welcome to enter the house at any time.

Oh, well, it's already five minutes and that's all I could write today. Will write more, next time. Thanks for reading.


Photo Credit: Flood G. (via Flickr)